A common mistake when people decide to do an internship, their thought process is very imbalanced. Just because you’ve just graduated does not mean that your guaranteed free hand outs.

Internships are a two way street….Your there to learn but your also there to contribute to the working enviroment and daily process.

Be a sponge. Just as a sponge sucks up water it also lets out water when squeezed. So give as much as you take in, take in knowledge and experience but remember to show your appreciation by your professional, time, commitment and helpful work ethic.

Whether you’re applying for a new job, currently in a job or have your own fashion business, think of creative ways of going the extra mile. If you really have a goal in mind, you’ll be surprised of how easy this actually is.

Here’s my story…..

Within a month of graduating, I chased every CV I had sent out to companies looking for work. I was blessed with a six-week temp job for a well-known global brand. Being a designer at heart, I bit my tongue and temped for 6 weeks as a design admin assistant, then as a trims packer and then wholesale customer service advisor and within months, I was a junior menswear designer. At each position I gave it my all, I had the attitude that, if I was going to pack trims, I was going be the best trims packer they ever had!

It was not down to luck, but simply that tenacity had been rewarded. I ended up staying there for three years, doing what I really wanted to do ‘designing clothes’. It was fantastic and I got the best experience that money could not buy. Fithteen years on from the being a junior designer on £10,000, who would have thought I would have got this far!!!

When going the extra mile focus on the final destination, not the journey.