My Fashion Tutor for Business and Education

Are you a College, Faculty of Fashion or run a Community Project?
Do you have new starters or want your existing employees, to be more versatile in their knowledge and productiveness?
Do your really value your employee’s and believe that oering career development options, enhances employee’s knowledge, productivity and benets your business?
Do you want to improve the caliber of your recruitment candidates?

WHAT can we do for you?

Our mission is to help the fashion industry in whatever way we are skilled to do. We aim to ‘ bridge the gap between knowledge and experience’ through oering insider experience and knowledge of the industry. Not just through our own business but through yours too.
A great college, university, business or recruitment agency starts with investing in potential possibility for growth. We want to add value to your corporate vision, candidate or team members, without adding to your workload.
As the fashion industry gets more and more competitive, staff and educators are constantly challenged with cramming contents into courses. You maybe fighting to ensure students are prepared for the working environment and most of all employable at the end.

My Fashion Tutor offers a range of short courses, which can be integrated into your current curriculum, as a module or stand-alone course. We can also cater courses to suit your requirements too.

Train your team, department or entire organization with us!

My Fashion Tutor courses are catered for the industry.
We focus on the knowledge needed to help your employees
hit the ground running. Choose us because we believe in

‘Bridging the gap between experience and Knowledge’.

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How about encouraging your candidates to bring their skills
up to needed levels. It will help build a rapport with your
candidates and increase the caliber of candidates on your system.
It costs you nothing, not even your time and everybody
wins in the long run. A happy candidate, happy client and your
happy recruitment boss!

At My Fashion Tutor we run a variety of courses that would help
your candidate reaches the top of your client’s shortlist.

Click here to see a range of out courses

Some of our courses can take your place of business, if more convenient.

Alternatively a suitable location will be confirmed, at the time of your booking.

Contact us to discuss prices for special requirements or group bookings.

Main Objectives

Increase student uptake for your establishment 100%
Help maximise student, staff and candidate potential 100%
Increase employee motivation, confidence and morale 100%
Increase knowledge, productivity or efficency 100%

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