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My Fashion Tutor can help give you the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the competitive fashion industry. We can help fashion students, graduates, industry professionals and even those completely new to fashion to bag that job and get ahead of the crowd.

MFT Self Investment Monitoring

Sessions are all about you, your goals, your dreams and your action……………We help get you thinking
creatively outside the box, push through emotional and professional barriers and obstacles….(more)

My Fashion Tutor Portfolio Clinic

Applying to a university place or a design job? Our portfolio clinic gives you constructive advice, so your portfolio will be a high enough standard, giving you the advantage in the selection process and interviews…….(more)

MFT Interview Preparation

Practice makes perfect! Good preparation is essential to a successful job interview. We can help you shine through as the unique professional individual that you are …… (more)

MFT CV review and CV writing service

A good CV is free ticket to through the door, so having a strong CV should never be underestimated.
Unlike usual CV writing and review services, we know what employers in Fashion and Retail are looking

My Fashion Tutor for Business and Education

Is this you? Large or small corporate business A Recruitment Consultant, A College, Faculty of Fashion or a Community Project? Find out how we can help support you………………. (more)

My Fashion Motivational Talks

Attitude is everything! Our motivational talks are not just empty words of a quick x. Our motivational sessions are interactive giving practical tips and stimulating the attitude to go forth in search of the endless possibities! …. (more)