My Fashion Tutor Self Investment mentoring

You’d be surprised just how many successful people have mentors. Sir Richard Branson, Eric Schmidt and many others speak highly about the benets of having a mentor or a coach.
Mentors can be useful whether you are stuck in a rut or at a transitional point in your career.
Our Self Investment mentoring sessions are all about you, your goals, your dreams and your action. The sessions are motivational and a time where ideas are cultivated to achieve a creative thought process, stimulating your aspirations.

WHAT is mentoring?

It is a two way relationship based on trust, respect and professionalism.

Our mentorship programs can help you in get focus, motivated and on track.

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We’ll help you to start thinking creatively outside the box and push
through emotional or professional barriers and obstacles. Our
first-hand experience of the industry and training is ideal for
mentoring in this field.

We have three main types of one to one mentoring programs,
aimed to help you set goals and tackle any work related issues
your facing.

Your first consultation will be FREE OF CHARGE *.
You will express expectations concerns, obstacles, strengths and

Should you decide to go with the sessions, you will receive a
step by step plan of action as a guide, customised to your needs
and goals.

In between sessions your mentor will communicate with you via
phone, text or email you. A member of our team will advise you
with any industry resources, events or news to support you in
maximising your potential.

You will also receive encouraging tools to help motivate you and
help brighten your day.

All our mentoring sessions are confidential and your information
will never be given to a third party.

*Please note that the FREE consultation is only part of the
Head-start Fashion Career and Competitive Advantage Career
mentoring program.

The Head Start Fashion Career Mentoring is great for graduates
or first jobbers. We can provide bespoke advice to break into
the industry.

We can help you work through your concerns, your worries and your
long and short term goals. We can also advise you on tips and areas
which may need further development.

We advise a minimum of three sessions to gain long-term benefits.

The Competitive Advantage Career Mentoring is for those who are
already in the fashion industry and want to change jobs or be

We can help you work through your concerns, your worries,
your next steps and long-term goals.

Our approach is always motivational, helping you explore areas to
grow and establish your competitive advantage and personal
sense of achievement.

The SOS career-mentoring program is for those who are struggling
within their current job, e.g. suffering from creative blocks,
self-esteem and confidence issues, dealing with competitive

We can help you work through your immediate concerns and
worries, during stressful and challenging times.

Our approach is always calming, helping you achieve balance between
emotions and reality.

Reviewing your issues but focusing on coping strategies,
progressing forward with positive resolutions and opportunities.

A mutual location will be discussed at time of booking.

Sessions are available face to face and via Skype video call.

Head-start Fashion Career Mentoring = £35 per/hr/session (Get Started)
Competitive Advantage Career Mentoring = £45 per/hr/session (Get Started)
SOS Career Mentoring = £50 per/hr/session (Get Started)

Main Objectives

Gain valuable advice 100%
Develop your knowledge and skills 100%
Improve your communication skills 100%
Learn new perspectives 100%
Give emotional support for work life balance 100%
Advance your career 100%