Apply today and start turning your creativeness into cash!

Packages – Monthly fee starts from £15.00 per month or low transaction fee option for one off garment listings*

We understand starting out can be scary, constantly plagued with common questions; ‘will it sell’, ‘will anyone like my product’, ‘how do I market my product’, ‘will I make a profit’ and the list goes on and on………

Trying to get your label noticed can be just as daunting and frustrating and knocking on doors can be emotionally and financially draining.We’re passionate about selecting the best creative small businesses to sell on ‘myfashionshowroom’, making it simple for you to find ‘must have quality items’. ‘My Fashion’ will be launched on this site in August 2015 and will be a marketplace promoting and offering innovative, unique, great quality products not found on the high street!

It’s exactly what it says on the tin – your fashion showroom a marketplace where you showcase your products. Products can range from clothing, jewellery, shoes to everything in between. We are open to new fashion related product ideas and want a diverse product mix.

So if you are currently trading or launching a fashion collection Or if you have just graduated and desiring to sell your final collection

feel the fear, take a leap of faith and do it anyway”

Limited offer available – The first 10 people who get accepted will receive an introductory rate for their first 3 months!!*

Risk Free

Test small runs of your product before proceeding to mass production. Inherit an existing traffic of visitors to grow your brand awareness


Low listing fee only payable when your item is sold


We will market your product to our Facebook and Twitter followers
and run special feature on our blog.


More time for you to focus on the creative side of your business and delivering your product in a timely manner

Check the list for the criteria before applying:-

Small to large businesses and independant designers can apply

  • Product must be readily available and sufficently packaged
  • Product must be authentic, designed and produced by your business
  • 300 word proposal outlining how your product is unique

We won’t list just anything – your product will be selected by a board of creatives.  You will also need to provide the following:-

  • Proof that the product you are listing was created by you and you are the sole owner
  • Any marketing or promotion material or press coverage previously received
  • Photographs and actual products (back, front and internals) of each product
  • An outline for all postage costs per product