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So the dream you had of making it big at GFW (graduate fashion week) has not come through yet and your highly disappointed and not sure how this affects your chances of getting a job? Don’t worry you’re not alone, that feeling happens to the best of us!



Stop!! Think and read on…….

GFW is a wonderful platform to showcase your work and some students do get approached by companies for employment. However, let’s keep it real, not everyone who gets to present at GFW is approached by big names such as Dior and Chanel.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you do, but it’s not the end of the world if; A. You were not selected to show at GFW and B. You presented to show at GFW but yet to see that big break?

Graduate Fashion Week is not a job fair nor is it a free ticket to employment, it’s a wonderful way of celebrating a ‘few’ out of the many ‘thousands’ of talented designers, who have trained at some of the best universities in the UK and that’s just it! That may upset a few of the ‘big guns’ of fashion but I see so many students deflated or disappointed because few people from the industry just don’t keep it real! Getting a job in fashion is not only down to ‘talent’, as there are many other factors to getting that head start.


Let’s keep it moving, by keeping it real!


When we consider how many companies there are in this country alone and how many of those companies actually attend GFW, I believe we would be very surprised on the actual turnout. That’s not to say they are not interested because they most probably are. However, in the grand scheme of things and the fast pace of the fashion industry, time is precious and time is money.


How to deal with the anti-climax of GFW


So many thousands of year ago, (only joking I’m NOT that old), in 1999 I was selected to show my collection at GFW. Whilst it was exciting and emotional, the morning after the show, I woke up and said ‘What’s next?” ?  So I definitely know how it feels.


I realised that the hard work had just started and that the only thing which was going to get me a job was not luck. If I wanted to be noticed I have to step out from the crowd and be chosen!! So I just wanted to share with you all some tips for dealing with any feeling of an anti-climax, getting a head start and keeping the momentum going.


  1. No matter how long it takes, don’t give up.


  1. Stop worrying about the competition – yes you’ve been competing for the last three-four years. There is always going to be someone better than you, but no one can do be the best ‘you’ but ‘you’. So remember you were created for purpose and that’s driven by your passion.


  1. Don’t start doubting yourself, it will affect yourself efficacy and your performance – yes that includes your ability to search for jobs, a sense of negativity or desperation in cover letters and also how you come across in an interview.


  1. Don’t just look for job adverts, make contacts send speculative letters and emails. Click here for some resources for your job search


  1. Remember that a job is exactly that ‘A job’, it’s does not make up your characteristic or determine how talented you are consider the likes of  Van Gogh, he was not appreciated until he died but he still continued. That being said, you won’t have to wait until you die…….lol but whether you get a job today, tomorrow or in the next few months, you still have the potential and much more than what you are able to comprehend. As you grow and experience life, you’ll make mistakes and successful stories, but that’s all part of life not failure – Its called gaining experience!


  1. Thinking about taking a break? Way up your options. This could be good for some, especially if your completely exhausted. Taking the opportunity to recalibrate can lead to a breath of fresh air. However, really think about how you’re going to spend that break and how long your going to take. Remember, that if you take a break you may be asked at an interview what you did on this break. Also if you take a years break, remember that another cohort of students will be graduating, and be looking for jobs at the same time. So spend that break wisely.


  1. Keep that portfolio updated. If you have graduated more than 6 months ago and still have your final collection as your latest project, you’re missing a trick! A new project does not only keep your creative juices flowing, it shows prospective employers that you can work independently, are driven and capable of setting your own brief. If your worried about your portfolio don’t be afraid to get some help portfolio?



Continue with your dreams, some will come more easily than others but remember, Dreams are never forever broken, it’s just up to ‘YOU’, the dreamer to keep the momentum going.


All the best!

My Fashion Tutor

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