Fashion is such a competitive industry and can be so cut throat. Unless you are in sales or some other target oriented position, try not to get caught up in competition against someone else on your team. It can be hard to sustain and the energy taken to compete, could be better spent. You don’t have to step on someone else, to get ahead. There is always going to be someone that do something better than you, change your strategy in dealing with it.

The best form of competition is against you. Push and challenge yourself not to get one over someone else, but rather do it to improve your self and advance forward in your own career.

People in the creative industry work better in creative environments. Competitive environments can breed isolation and before you know it, you don’t even recognize yourself. Being competitive with the wrong motive and strategy may get you ahead but can make you enemies with the people who you may need manage or get support from later on.

Focus on being the best you can be and getting confidence in your own ability!!