Garment Manufacturing and Technical Processes

Ninety percent of garments made in the UK are manufactured offshore; therefore communication is key in today’s global fashion industry.

In the global world of clothing supply chains, the ability to understand basic manufacturing terminology and explain your technical requirements can help to avoid costly errors and build sound relationships with your suppliers.

WHAT can we do for you?

If you are a recent design graduate or new to the fashion industry, you may not know the professional processes involved in manufacture and production. You also need to show a strong grasp of technical concepts and manufacturing processes, during any product-related job interview.

This is valuable course for any fashion professional in the industry, whatever your job title. Learning these processes on the job is not easy, especially when under pressure and decisions need to be made.

This course will bring you up to industry standard in technical terminology and enable you to make more informed decisions regarding the manufacture of a garment.

This course will be taught in two sections:


  • Different route of manufacturing
  • Calculating garment Costings
  • Cost implications and common production errors
  • Garment lead times
  • An overview of the types of machines used manufacturing
  • An overview of technology in different countries of origin


  • Correct terms for commercial stitch types
  • Key technical abbreviations used in the industry
  • Key measurement terminology and stitch/seam types
  • Identify stitch errors
  • Needles used for different types of fabrics
  • Threads used for stitching different types of fabrics

This course is classroom based. Students are advised to bring a notebook and pen.

Students will leave with handouts with key points and a Certificate of Attendance.

All our associate tutors have industry experience in the fields of clothing design, production and fit. They are always approachable and have a genuine desire to share their knowledge.
This course is taught at a basic to intermediate level. No entry requirements.
This is a one-day course, with 1-hour lunch break and two 15-minute tea breaks.

Registration is 9:00am

Ends: 5:30pm

Coming soon…………August 2015.
This course will be taken in a small to large groups.

All our courses take place in Central London, with easy access to transport.

Details of venue will be confirmed at the time of enrolling.

Alternatively if you are a business, courses can be held at your place of business.
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Main Objectives

Understand the manufacturing stages of garment production 100%
Able to communicate technical requirements accurately and effectively 100%
Understand garment manufacturing and cost implications 100%
Valuable and relevant training to add to your CV 100%

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