My Fashion Tutor Head Start Programme

Dreading that First day, first collection, first interview, first conversation with a supplier, the list goes on…

Knowledge can be nothing but a bonus, when starting your own business, starting a new job or looking to upgrade your knowledge to advance the career ladder.

It can take months or even years to get up to speed with the in’s and out’s of the fashion industry. Experiencing something for the first time can be daunting and pressurising, especially when you need to impress, meet a deadline or appear professional and composed.

But what if there was a magic potion that gives you the ins and outs of the fashion industry in one dose? Well we can’t offer you a potion but we offer the next best thing! My Fashion Tutor’s ‘Head Start Program’ gives you a head start ahead of that First time experience.

WHY take up the Head Start Challenge?

The My Fashion Tutor Head Start Programme gives you the industry knowledge to launch your career in the fashion design industry or fashion business. Perfect if you have just left university, struggling to get your first job or starting your own label.

This program has been carefully constructed, each module built on the knowledge of what you need to know to survive the industry.

We aim to give you the insight and knowledge to become an ‘All rounded designer, garment technologist, product developer, buyer or fashionsta. Knowing and being able to demonstrate your knowledge of how the industry works, is a competitive advantage when applying for a job or operating in business.

We believe in ‘Bridging knowledge with our experience’. Giving you the ‘know-how’ and replacing any initial worries and leaving you more confident, to be more creative in whatever your next step is.

During the course you will learn to do the following: –

Basic fabric knowledge and apparel print techniques and dye processes 

Day 1

In this module we provide you with an overview of the most common used fabrics, fibre characteristics and the most commercial prints and dyeing processes. You will leave you with a good understanding of why certain fabrics and processes are selected for design and production purposes. Students will be able to touch and familiarise visually with fabrics swatches that show the different techniques, dyes and prints.

Measuring garments for specification sheets and Technical Fashion glossary and Terminology and Indentifying Industrial machines and uses, 

Day 2

In this module is a mixture of practical demonstrations and theory. You will physically learn how to measure different type of garments and become familiar with key measuring points and terminology. You will also be analysing key details and learning about the different industrial machines used to create or finish garments.

The lifecycle of a garment in the fashion industry, Job roles and responsibilities in the industry and CV review 

Day 3

During this module you receive a run down of the different job roles and responsibilities in the industry and common employers expectations. You will learn a lifecycle of a garment from concept to store. We will give you an overview as to which fashion personal is responsible each stage and how they liaise with other fashion personal. We will also discuss how decisions and errors can affect each stage of the process.

To end the session, each student will have a one to one consultation to have their CV or Business reviewed. They will receive feedback on how it maybe improved or tips on how they could proceed to the next step.

Be more career confident, knowledgeable and industry savvy

  • Prepared for first day of a new job or ready to start your new business venture.
  • Able to talk to suppliers and manufacturers with clarity and authority
  • Gain the ability to make more informed decisions and be able to act with integrity
  • More confidence for up coming interview
  • Obtain more employable attributes to a CV or gain more credibility as a business owner
All our associate tutors have industry experience in the fields of clothing design, production and fit. They are always approachable and have a genuine desire to share their knowledge.


This course is taught at a basic to intermediate level.

No entry requirements.

This is a three-day course, with 1-hour lunch break and two 15 minutes tea breaks.

Registration is 9:30am

Session start at 10:00am

Ends: 5:00pm

Coming soon…………August 2015
This course will be taken in a small to large groups.

All our courses take place in London, with easy access to transport.   Details of venue will be confirmed at the time of enrolling.

Alternatively if you are a business, courses can be held at your place of business. Contact us to discuss further.

Course Modules

Basic fabric knowledge 100%
Apparel print techniques and dye processes 100%
Measuring garments for specification sheets 100%
Technical Fashion glossary and Terminology 100%
The lifecycle of a garment in the fashion industry 100%
Indentifying Industrial machines and uses 100%
Job roles and responsibilities in the industry 100%

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