Fit & Flat Garment Measuring for Commercial Purposes

Can’t fit, won’t fit?

Today’s customer is quality and fit conscious. In the competitive world of fashion retail, it’s not enough for a brand to offer a stylish product; the product needs to be the best quality and value for money.

It’s all very well designing beautiful clothes but brands and retailers want to know that your designs will fit fabulously too. Mock fit sessions are a common exercise presented to candidates at job interviews.

A course like ours will leave with valuable and relevant training helping you excel against the other candidates or industry competitors.

WHAT can we do for you?

Being able to understand the different aspects of the garment cycle is professionally advantageous and can help save time and money, especially if you plan to start your own business.

Our one-day course is aimed at fashion designers, buyers, product developers, garment technologists, graduates and anyone wanting to start up their own clothing line.

By the end of the course you will be able to identify, analyse and discuss potential fit, manufacture and fabric related issues in a professional manner.

This course is a mixture of practical demonstrations and theory. You will also partake in a mock fit session.

During the course you will learn the following: –

  • Identify potential fit, manufacture and fabric issues
  • Measure various product categories
  • Analyse garment proportions and position of design details
  • Address ‘balance’ issues
  • Practice marking and amending a garment on the stand
  • Identify terminology for technical fit errors
  • Review the different stages of samples to mass production
  • Discuss how to technically alleviate issues and potential problem areas
  • Learn how to record and inform the suppliers/pattern cutters in formal written comments
  • Update measurements on the specification sheet

Examples using both men and women clothing will be used for the course exercises.

This course is classroom based. Students are advised to bring a Tape measure, pencil, rubber, masking tape or fashion tape, black marker, pins, notebook, pen and calculator.

Students will be given handouts with key points and a Certificate of Attendance.

All our associate tutors have industry experience in the fields of clothing design, production and fit. They are always approachable and have a genuine desire to share their knowledge.
This course is taught at a basic to intermediate level. No entry requirements.
This is a one-day course, with 1-hour lunch break and two 15-minute tea breaks.

Registration is 9:00am

Ends: 5:30pm

Coming soon…………August 2015.
This course will be taken in a small to large groups.

All our courses take place in Central London, with easy access to transport.

Details of venue will be confirmed at the time of enrolling.

Alternatively if you are a business, courses can be held at your place of business.
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Learning Objectives

To understand the fundamentals and objectives of a fit session 100%
To be able to communicate fit issues and amendments effectively 100%
Understand limitations and solutions 100%
To prepare for potential mock fit session interviews 100%
To obtain more employable attributes on your CV 100%

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