Basic Illustrator for Fashion Design

Adobe Illustrator is the fashion design industry’s standard and an essential skill, for all budding designers. Recruiters would expect potential applicants for design and product-based roles to be able to use the program, to a professional standard. It is the main software used to create product design packs in Fashion Design.

Equally if you are setting up your own clothing range, factories and pattern cutters would expect the design pack to come in a digital format, using a vector base program. Paying someone to do this can be expensive, so learning how to use the program is much more cost effective and not difficult when you’re shown how!

WHAT can we do for you?

Is this you?
Not sure where to start with illustrator?
Can’t draw hand but have lots of ideas?
Lacking this skill in order to apply for product related jobs?

We make learning Illustrator FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS.

During this course you will learn how to navigate the basic tools in Illustrator. You will create a variety of technical drawings and learn industry tricks to digitally enhance your ideas.

This comprehensive course you will give you the skills and technical know-how, to start drawing your own designs to a professional standard.

See below for the full course outline

This course is taught with practical demonstrations. During the course you will create technical drawings of a variety of garments shapes and details. Examples using both men, women and children’s clothing will be used for the course exercises. A good range of woven outerwear, tops, dresses and bottoms.

During the course you will learn the following: –

  • Understanding the layout of the Illustrator
  • Creating layers and using the tool bar
  • Use the Pen tool to sketch garment shapes and design details
  • Creating garment trims such as zips, zip-puller, buttons and bows
  • Drawing garments in proportion
  • Use the scale tool to size trims, garment shapes and patterns
  • Adjust lines, weights and thickness
  • Creating stitch types
  • Creating repeat patterns and simple knit structures
  • Creating and saving your own colour palette, brush and symbols library
  • Fill a technical drawing with colour or pattern
  • Creating brushes for special details
  • Reflecting, average, joining and grouping elements of a garment
  • Using live trace to trace a rasterised image
  • Create a ribbed trim and elastic detail
  • Clipping masks
  • Use the pencil tool for freehand illustrations of detailing or draping

Students are advised to bring a notebook, pen and USB stick.

Students will be given handouts with key points and a Certificate of Attendance.

All our associate tutors have industry experience in the fields of clothing design, production and fit. They are always approachable and have a genuine desire to share their knowledge.
This course is taught at a basic to intermediate level. No entry requirements.
This is a two-day course, with 1-hour lunch break and two 15 minutes tea breaks.

Registration is 9:00am

Ends: 5:30pm

Coming soon…………August 2015.
This course will be taken in a small group.

All our courses take place in Central London, with easy access to transport.

Depending on the venue, students may be required to bring their own laptop. This will be advised at the time of enrolling.

Alternatively if you are a business, courses can be held at your place of business with your own equipment. Click here to contact us to discuss further.

Main Objectives

Gain confidence using the elements of Adobe Illustrator 100%
Be able to navigate the workspace and basic tools to be more creative 100%
Develop industry standards, techniques and industry tricks of the trade 100%
Gain the ability to create technical flat drawings of your designs 100%
Confidently amend any design details or sketches in a timely manner 100%
Learn helpful shortcuts to increase efficiency 100%
Obtain more employable attributes if applying for product-based roles 100%

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