2707, 2015

Climbing the fashion career ladder – Are you projecting your inner ambitions?

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Are you projecting your inner ambitions?
I was fortunate to learn this lesson very early on in my fashion career. I believe this was a poignant moment in my fashion career and played such an important part of me moving up the career ladder.

Two years in my first job, gaining valuable knowledge the in’s and out’s […]

1505, 2015

What wins that crucial job? Creative talent, Experience or Potential?

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Finding it to get that head start in employment? Caught in the vicious circle of no experience. What comes first, Experience, Talent or Potential....

104, 2015

Dealing with competitiveness within the fashion industry

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Fashion is such a competitive industry and can be so cut throat. Unless you are in sales or some other target oriented position, try not to get caught up in competition against someone else on your team. It can be hard to sustain and the energy taken to compete, could be better spent. You don’t […]