On My!!! This video is like eating chocolate for me.

From the sounds of the machines, the hissing from the steamer to the snapping of the scissors.
A great insight to how such care, consideration and precision is taken into a Chanel garment.


The machine which joined the knitted panels together is called a linking machine

Linking is a method of seaming/attaching pieces of a garment together after the pieces have been knitted on a flat-bed knitting machine. The linking process requires a skilled operator. In the linking process, a slacker course of loops of yarn is created on the linking machine, which connects two pieces of fabric together.

Linking at seams is more expensive than coverstitched or overlocked seams. When linking is involved usually the panels have a cast off edge finish, which means no overlocking is required and the internal finish of the garment is much cleaner.

Cast off edge / Bind off edge = Simply means to end the knitting so that the stitches do not unravel/fray.