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Why are we uniquely set up to help you have a successful career in the fashion industry……Click here for more


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Latest Blog

2206, 2016

How to deal with the anti-climax of Graduate Fashion Week

So the dream you had of making it big at GFW (graduate fashion week) has not come through yet and your highly disappointed and not sure how this affects your chances of getting a job?

2707, 2015

Climbing the fashion career ladder – Are you projecting your inner ambitions?

Are you projecting your inner ambitions?
I was fortunate to learn this lesson very early on in my fashion career. I believe this was a poignant moment […]

806, 2015

The sponge effect

A common mistake when people decide to do an internship, their thought process is very imbalanced. Just because you’ve just graduated does not mean that your […]

1505, 2015

What wins that crucial job? Creative talent, Experience or Potential?

Finding it to get that head start in employment? Caught in the vicious circle of no experience. What comes first, Experience, Talent or Potential....